All day long I think of things but
nothing seems to satisfy.
Think I'll lose my mind if I don't find
something to pacify.

-Black Sabbath
One Music per day keeps the doctor away
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Day 4 - your favourite entry by a female soloist

Slovenia 2011

Maja Keuc - No One

This is my favorite song from 2011 and I can not think of another song sung by a woman at eurovision which is better than this. Maja has a great voice and her confidence on stage was incredible.


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Kelle inchaço

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Kelle inchaço

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Suddenly realising it’s June and you’ve wasted half a year accomplishing nothing of importance.


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Sweet mother of god, it hurts!

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Sweet mother of god, it hurts!

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Dima Koldun announcing the Belarusian vote in Eurovision!

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